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  • Why do I need to rotate my monitor to portrait?
    We designed our software with you in mind. By orienting your monitor in the portrait position it allows us to fit more on one screen, minimizing time spent going between screens so you can run your practice efficiently and effectively. While it is odd at first, we found it easy to adjust to the new screen orientation and reap the rewards of extra space!
  • Why is your software subscription only?
    Subscription-based software allows us to provide you the best, most current version of H2D Chiropractic Software at an affordable price. This also means your software will always be up to date with the latest and greatest features at no additional cost to you.
  • What does my subscription include?
    For H2D _practice your subscription includes: The Complete H2D _software suite Free Professional Installation ($300 value) Free Training for You and Your Staff ($500 value) Free Technical Support ($100/month value) No Price Increases Ever* *An annual license agreement must be signed. After the first 12-month period, your subscription will be renewed, which will never increase as long as you renew your subscription annually.
  • Do you offer online scheduling?
    We are currently integrating H2D Chiropractic Software with Acuity Scheduling (TM)! We expect to release it this fall! Check back often for news or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • What computer hardware do you recommend?
    Depending on your size of practice and how many computers you want to have the software running on, we have a few suggestions. The "client computer" is the computer(s) you use to interact with the software when you're scheduling patients, taking notes, and documenting care record information. The "server computer" is the computer from which the client computer(s) receive database information. Listed below are the minimum specifications. Anything less will not run the software optimally (will cause delays in processing). Client computer specifications​ Minimum screen resolution required: 1920 x 1080 Intel ® Core ™ i5 4th generation equivalent, or Intel ® Core ™ i3 6th generation equivalent, or better 4 GB of memory or better Windows 7 or higher OS (Windows 10 Pro preferred, Pro not required on client machines) Server computer specifications Intel ® Core ™ i7 4th generation equivalent processors (6th generation preferred) 8 GB of memory 500 GB of hard drive space available Windows 7 Professional or higher OS (Windows 10 Pro preferred) Client stations can be as simple as touch screen monitors connected to desktop computers that meet the above server computer specifications. We suggest wall-mounted touch screens for ease of use but the software can be used with a mouse. ​ H2D Software, LLC does not endorse, warranty, or recommend the specific brands listed above. H2D Software, LLC is not in partnership with these manufacturers, and H2D Software, LLC is not being paid to promote these brands.
  • Does H2D Chiropractic Software run on Apple® products?
    No. Our software only runs on Windows® PCs.
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