H2D _practice

Care Record

The ultimate in flexibility.

We innovated of the world's first Network Spinal Analysis specific care record with the H2D Intuitive Spinal Gateway Panel.


We continued the innovation with our exclusive H2D Intuitive Spinal Panel customizable to all types of adjustments.


The H2D _practice care record answers all your chiropractic EHR needs for your unique style of practice.

Features include:

  • Exclusive Customizable Adjustment Care Record

    • Easily record your adjustments your way with no restrictions using our exclusive H2D Intuitive Spinal Panel 

  • Network Care:

    • The exclusive H2D Intuitive Spinal Gateway Panel to record:

      • Relationships between gateways 

      • History of contacts for each gateway

      • Details of entrainment contacts

        • Triad of Change strategy​

        • Energetic Intelligence Integration

      • Level of care response

      • Stage of healing 

      • Neural control and spinal tension parameters

  • User friendly diagnosis interface

  • Customizable ICD-10 Code lists

  • Customizable care plans

  • Care plans link to care episodes

  • Detailed exam panels

  • And more...

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Front Desk

Efficiently and effectively keep your patient flow moving.

Features include:

  • Block scheduling

  • Customizable appointment type

  • Practice Member Demographics

  • Accounts Receivable 

  • Reminders and alerts

  • Office Metrics

  • And more...

Office Management

Control and customize details about your practice and keep an eye on your performance with .csv exportable reports.

Features include:

  • Office Demographics

  • Patient Ledger Reconciliation

  • Software Log-in Management

  • Customize your software experience

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H2D _integration


We are integrating Acuity Scheduling into H2D _practice Fall 2019!

We want to provide our clients with access to the very best, and we believe Acuity Schedule IS the best around in online scheduling services.

By subscribing through Acuity, you will have access to Acuity's awesome services and when your clients book online, their appointments will show up on your appointment calendar in H2D _practice. No fuss, no muss. Just seamless integration.

Don't take our word for it. Acuity Scheduling speaks for itself. Hop on over to Acuity's website to learn more today!