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Announcing H2D Software's New Logo

New Year, New Software, New Logo!


Expectations vs Reality

We wrote about the exciting changes coming to H2D Software in 2017. Little did we know it would take two additional years of development to deliver it! WHOA!

Over the past year, we brought on a new team member to make the new software release happen sooner. Welcome my brother, Jason Howard, to the team! He has given us the helping hands we needed to kick our new software over the development fence into live testing in a functioning practice, which will happen in March. **happy dance**

What You've Been Waiting For

We're HAPPY to announce H2D _practice will be released JULY 12!!

Thank you so much for your patience! 👏 We promise, it is worth the wait! We added significant new functionality to H2D _practice. The most remarkable change is the ability to record any type of chiropractic adjustment.

Don't worry - the NSA panel didn't go anywhere! That's our original innovation that you can't find anywhere else in any software. So it will always be included in our software package.

We also streamlined control of exams, revamped care plans, and so MUCH more. Stay tuned for future posts about the new functionality built into H2D _practice. You'll be amazed!

So Why The New Logo?

To reflect the exciting transformation of our software into one that records any type of chiropractic adjustment and to convey our commitment to innovation, we streamlined our logo’s font and color scheme.

We retained our star to convey our dependability and steadfastness to who we are and what we stand for. We strive to provide innovative, high quality practice management software our clients can depend on.

Stay in the Know

Our newly launched website is just a taste of what's to come! Stay tuned to our Facebook page to stay on top of the latest news regarding our new and improved software. You're going to love it!

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