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  • Jenna Howard, COM

Introducing H2D _blog

Welcome to the H2D _blog

The purpose of this _Blog is to provide information on using EHRs to manage your practice (particularly useful if you are still using paper!), upgrades to our software (Osseous is coming this year! Stay tuned for a blog post about that.), and the people behind H2D Software.

About Me

I am Jenna Howard, the Chief Operations Member, aka COM (that sounds cooler!). This is my first experience writing a blog, and I’m excited! I look forward to sharing useful information the Network Spinal Analysis community and, in the future, all chiropractors.

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting Control Systems (so fun). I have 8 years of experience in Government auditing (even more fun) and 3 years of experience being COM for H2D Software (Seriously the BEST part of my professional life!).

My passions include growing our business, learning about and experiencing Network care, and loving my family. Another great passion of mine, because of our experience with adopting shelter dogs, is education about shelter dogs and helping find them homes.

About H2D Software

H2D Software is family owned and operated. As such, everyone pitches in to fill every position. In addition to COM, I am our one and only accountant (thank you, college and Quickbooks), Social Media Coordinator, Website Designer, and now, H2D _Blog Author (wahoo!). So, all those fantastic posts you see on Facebook and Instagram (and soon LinkedIn) are a result of my creative genius (maybe?). :o) Also, my Website Designer self wants to know - What do you think about the website? I just gave it a huge makeover.

My dad, Kelly Howard, is the Chief Executive Member, Principle Architect, and all-around Programmer Extraordinaire (this software has come straight from his 30+ years of programming experience and creative development). My husband, Dr. Jason Dixon, is our Subject Matter Expert in all things Network and chiropractic, Sales Coordinator, Technical Support, and Most Awesome Software Demonstration Coordinator. All of this and he has a growing Network practice!

I’ll tell you more about these awesome men in future posts!

Why Network Spinal Analysis Software?

We started H2D Software when we saw need in the Network community for an EHR and office management software specific to this awesome technique. Did I mention we’re all Network practice members?? We’ve dedicated the past 5 years, and are still 100% dedicated, to our software system. We believe in chiropractic. We want to be a part of the positive change chiropractors are causing in the world. To do that, we’re continuously improving our software to make your life easier as you run your practice.

Let's Go!

I look forward to getting to know you, sharing the information I find on EHRs and chiropractic, sharing insights into what makes H2D Software tick, and where we’re headed. I hope you stay with us for the adventure!

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